Core Values


At IMA we recognize that our services need to align with dynamic client processes, assessor needs, and industry regulations. We welcome candid feedback. We are flexible and accommodating to ensure the input is translated into better solutions for our valued clients and assessors. As a team we strive to anticipate instead of react. IMA is invested in our talent who are engaged in learning and training programs. Ultimately, IMA’s team and accumulated knowledge base is designed to spare clients and assessors any growing pains so their best efforts are always realized.


IMA’s mission is to demonstrate sincerity in our work with each of our valued clients and evaluators. At IMA, we thrive on being accountable for positive results, trust, problem solving, communication, conflict resolution and technical expertise. Every IMA team member is accountable for their actions and are accountable as a group. Fairness and transparency are at the heart of everything we do.


IMA’s goal is to demonstrate our key values as a point of difference. We embrace our differences to best utilize our variety of talents to assist our valued client’s evaluators. IMA’s work values empathy, creativity and relationships to collaborate and communicate successfully. By being true to ourselves and our mission, IMA offers an authentic team that provides a personalized client and evaluator experience.


At IMA, everyone has equal opportunities to participate and communicate their ideas to manage valued client and evaluator needs. IMA’s horizontal approach best suits the development of personalized solutions for complex problems. We dedicate time to understanding each other’s roles and responsibilities. Every day we come together to elicit our best traits to deliver top performance and service.


IMA is conscious about the environment and our impact. We promote environmental and economic sustainability to our industry, clients and evaluators. IMA incorporates tools that facilitate an eco-friendly office environment which extends to our work practices. Lessening our imprint by incorporating digital technologies is central to our mission.