As a Life and Health insurer, a case manager or a human resource professional, you need to understand the plan member’s medical prognosis, the required treatments and the return to work recommendations to achieve the employee’s optimal performance. IMA Solutions is here to expand the capacity of our clients enabling them to provide superior services and treatment to their plan members and employees. Our experts provide clinical diagnosis and can provide treatment plan recommendations and medical prognosis. 


An Independent Medical Evaluation is an objective, physical exam conducted by a physician or allied professional. In complex cases, a multi-specialty physician may be assigned to the case. The purpose of the exam is to determine the nature and extent of an injury. The findings of the examination are documented in a formal written report that addresses specific questions associated with the diagnosis and treatment.

Combined Assessment

A combined assessment offers a dual medical exam to assist in cases where causation and/or work capacity issues are present. This assessment involves a medical expert (Occupational Physician, Physiatrist) and a functional testing clinician who collaborate in order to prepare one cohesive report. The assessment begins with an examination and interview by the medical expert who will discuss preliminary findings with the functional testing clinician to determine the appropriate functional tests are completed. A  functional exam is administered  by the functional testing clinician who will compile the raw data and provide it to the medical expert to interpret. The final written report contains an opinion by the medical expert and the statistics from the functional testing, offering a comprehensive report with details on diagnoses, treatment, functional abilities and limitations to ascertain work capacity status for employability.

Addictions Medicine

An addictions IME and report centers on the treatment of addiction and addictive diseases. The physician’s assessment provides a comprehensive overview regarding psychosocial, vocational, and other drug related histories that is sourced from review of medical records and an in depth interview. The addictions IME report focuses on identifying the level of addiction in order to provide recommendation for the intervention, prevention and rehabilitation of individuals suffering from substance use disorders.

Vocational and Employability Assessment

Professional Vocational Assessors conduct examinations to match individuals with the appropriate available jobs. The assessor reviews the individual’s physiological and psychological medical information to make the Vocational and Employability Assessment. The Assessment will involve an investigation of the examinee’s occupational history, education, transferable skills as well as the current labour market opportunities. The resulting report will address the examinee’s current employability and the market conditions of that vocation.  The Assessment will involve an investigation of the examinees’ occupational history, education, transferable skills as well as the current labour market opportunities. The resulting report will address the examinee’s current Employability in what capacity and the market conditions of that vocation.


A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) assesses an examinee’s capabilities, limitations, motivational status, and reliability of effort based on accepted testing protocols, and is performed typically by an Occupational Therapist or  Kinesiologist. The testing protocols for an FCE are designed to determine the examinee’s functional abilities and limitations in order ascertain functional status for employability. The findings of the evaluation are contained in the FCE report.

Cost of Future Care Assessment

Cost of Future Care Assessment or Life Care Plan is a comprehensive report that details current and future needs and financial requirements for individuals with a catastrophic injury or chronic health care needs. The assessment includes a review of medical information; interview in the home environment; consultation with health professionals and family members; data analysis and research to understand the extent of injury and disability; and how it impacts on the individual’s daily life.


Job Demands Analysis (JDA) examines the physical demands of the tasks or duties required in a specific job and is performed typically by an Occupational Therapist or Kinesiologist. JDA is designed to measure and quantify the physical strength and positional tolerances required in a specific job. The JDA report contains quantitative measurements and analytics to facilitate appropriate occupational recommendations and assignments.