There is more to our reports than meets the eye. Our centralized facilities enables our evaluators to provide comprehensive IME services. At IMA, we pride ourselves in facilitating the entire process: report management,  quality assurance, transcription services, client communication and coordination litigation support as well as supplying interpreters and transportation as needed. With every referral you can be assured that we will handle all the logistics so that you receive a quality defensible medical report. We understand that success is all in the details.


• Referral triage

• Clinical / Medical advice Referral

• Clinical coordination

• Referral intake and scheduling

• Medical documents processing

• Phone consultations Appointment

• Examinee appointment reminders where appropriate

• Examinee satisfaction measured and improved

• Examinee informed consent secured and confirmed

• Examinee translation and transportation services


• Teleconference coordination

• Report development

• Quality assurance

• Regulatory and case law compliance

• Secure report transmission

• Accurate billing practices

Litigation Support

• Pre-Trial/Arbitration preparation and attendance coordination on tort files

• Video Deposition

• Video Link

• Expert Testimony

• Transportation Services

Other Value Add Services

• Consensus review on multi-disciplinary files

• Examinee accommodation, transportation, and interpretation where requested

Usage reports by specialty, service, average fees, total spend, etc.