BC Phone: 778-328-1335

BC Toll Free: 855-848-0122

BC Fax: 778-328-1401

Alberta Phone: 403-351-4757

IMA Solutions
500-1199 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 3T5


Intake Team
Scheduling appointments, doctor schedules, medical documents, telephone consults, trial scheduling

Reports Team
Report enquiries, report status, addendum requests, notes requests, Quality Assurance issues

Finance Team
Billing enquiries, invoices, outstanding balances owing

Management Team

Marina Andrei – President
Email: marina.andrei@imasolutions.ca | Phone: 778-328-1335 ext. 527103

Sonia Kidner – Vice President, Operations 
Email: sonia.kidner@imasolutions.ca | Phone: 778-328-1335 ext. 527111 


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